What if I have a schedule Conflict and can’t make it, or I injure myself? Can I get a refund?

The Cowtown has a 43-year policy of not offering refunds or deferments. However, due to having to move the race and cancel the Full and Ultra, runners are able to defer their registration to the 2022 or 2023 race years, switch to a virtual run, or if you feel like you can complete a shorter distance, drop to the Half. Registered runners who become injured or are unable to make the event can also transfer their entry to someone else for a fee of $25.

Since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you may use your race registration as a charitable donation for your tax purposes. (Our tax ID is 75-2198418).

How do I transfer my race to another runner?

Login into Race Roster. There are transfer instructions on the main page under the pricing table. You can transfer your entry up until April 8th for a $25 fee.

What if I want to change my race?

Before January 31st you can change your race online for no fee. From March 1st until April 8th, you can change your race online with a $25 change fee. To do this, login into RaceRoster and click “Transfer.”


  • January 31st: Final day to change your race online at no charge
  • March 1st – April 8th: You may change your race online ($25 fees apply).
  • After April 8th: There will be no more changes to races after this date.

Do you allow strollers?

Strollers are allowed for your children, provided you indicate this during your registration. Strollers are defined as something pushed, not pulled.
In addition to indicating on your registration that you plan to push your child in a stroller, we require you to start in the last corral, regardless of your pace. In the interest of safety for you, your child(ren), and all participants, you must use caution and yield the right of way to other runners.

Is the Cowtown Marathon a Boston Qualifier?

The Cowtown Marathon is normally a qualifier for The Boston Marathon. However, due to the COVID outbreak, we are not going to be a Boston qualifier for 2021.

I cannot make it to packet pick-up. Can I have a family member or friend pick up my packet for me?

Yes. To do so, they will need your full name, DOB, which race you’re registered for, Bib number, and their Driver’s License. Bib assignments will be sent out prior to race week.

How long is the course open?

Once the last of the runners have started, the 5K will be open for 1 1/2 hours, the 10K will be open for 2 1/2 hours and the half presented by Miller Lite and Healthy Hig Relay courses will be open for 4 1/2 hours.


Do you allow walkers at the Cowtown?


Yes, walkers are welcome as long as they are able to complete the course within the cutoff time. 1 1/2 hours after the last of the 5k runners begin,  2 1/2 hours after the last of the 10k runners begin and 4 1/2 hours after the Half Marathon runners begin.  The course will remain open and completely supported for 4 1/2 hours AFTER the last of the runners have started.

Will there be gear check available?

Due to Covid precautions, there will not be a Gear Check on race day. You will need to make your own arrangements for any items that you would normally place into our Gear Check.

Will there be pace leaders for the Half Marathon?

No. Due to the way we have to start runners, there will not be pacer runners.

Can I change which corral I start in?

No. Corrals are assigned based on your listed predicted pace per mile on your registration. You must start at your assigned time or risk disqualification.


Does The Cowtown donate to a charity?

The Cowtown Marathon is a nonprofit organization promoting health and fitness in the community. By running Cowtown races, runners are supporting The C.A.L.F. (Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness) Program, which provides training to help children develop a lifelong love of fitness. A grant program is offered for students in need of funding their entries into the Kid’s Run Presented by Academy Sports. In addition, these children are provided with training tools, instruction on nutrition and running tips, and quality running shoes to help them achieve their goals.

The Cowtown has partnerships with several local charities where runners raise funds for various causes, such as Alzheimer’s Association and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Where are your fluid stations along the courses?

Due to Covid-19, all runners must carry their own hydration source such as hydration pack, collapsible cup or water bottle as well as any electrolyte replacement. There will be fluid refill stations with water and electrolyte replacement along the10k and half marathon course, but no hand offs from volunteers will be given.  There will be medical support and portalets at each station.

Do you allow pets on the course?

No. Due to the large number of runners, we do not allow pets on the course, for their safety and for the safety of all our runners.

What is the Cowtown Challenge?

The Cowtown Challenge is for anyone registered to complete two races by doing so in one of two ways.  Either running the 2 different distances virtually or run one distance virtually while running the other distance on Saturday.

What if I register for my two races at separate times, will I still be in The Cowtown Challenge?

You will receive an email from a member of either the Cowtown team or the RaceRoster support team for the $20 challenge upgrade, and once paid you’ll be registered for the additional challenge swag.

If you do not choose to upgrade to the challenge, you will not receive the swag that is provided for challenge participants.

What is the new race date?

May 8th, 2021 – We will offer a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 4-person Half Marathon Relay, 2-Person Half Marathon Relay. The Kids 5K will take place virtually. Ultra, Full Marathon, Half Marathon Healthy Hig Relay  runners will have the option to run virtually, defer to 2022 or 2023 or transfer to the Half Marathon distance.

Can I run the race virtually?

Yes, you can run any distance virtually. Runners must log in to their Race Roster account and mark that they are choosing to run virtually or you may email [email protected] and we will assist you with updating your registration. All virtual runs must be completed by June 30, 2021.

What if I registered for multiple events? (Cowtown Challenge)

Runners registered for the challenge will have 2 options. They can either run both their events virtually or run one in-person and one virtually. With the 2021 event moving to one day it will not be possible to run both events in-person.

When will runner swag be sent out to virtual runners?

Runner packets that include the runner shirt and bib will be sent out in the first week of March. Finisher shirts and medals will be sent out starting the first week of April. Challenge gear will also be sent out at this time.


Can I defer to 2022 or 2023?

Yes, we are allowing our runners to defer to the 2022 or 2023 race in case they are unable to make it to this year’s event. All runners that registered prior to August 27th will receive an email with instructions on how to choose their running options – in person, virtual, defer to 2022, or defer to 2023. These choices must be completed by April 8th, 2021.

Will there be a Full and Ultra Marathon?

No, we are eliminating the Full and Ultra Marathons for the 2021 year due to the extended time the start line will be open and the smaller pool of volunteers available, due to COVID. Runners that have already registered for the Ultra or the Full Marathon will have the option to run virtually, transfer to the Half Marathon distance, or defer to the 2022 or 2023 years. Full and Ultra runners will receive email instructions if you have additional questions please email [email protected]

If I registered for the Marathon or Ultra what happens now?

Runners that registered for the Marathon or the Ultra will receive an email with instructions on how to change to the Half Marathon, defer to 2022 or 2023 or switch to virtual. Runners must make the choice no later than April 8th, 2021.

Where will the start line be?

We are moving the start line onto Lancaster Ave. in front of the Will Rogers Memorial Center Coliseum for the 2021 Cowtown. Due to multiple events taking place at Will Rogers Memorial Center our traditional start/finish lines are not available for the May date.

Will there be spectators allowed at the Start or Finish lines?

Due to ongoing social distancing practices, no spectators will be allowed at the Start or Finish line. Spectators may follow their runners’ progress through The Cowtown app, more info regarding the app and signing up to follow runners will be sent out in April 2021.

What is the start line procedure? (How will the start of the race look like?)

The start line for 2021 will be a rolling start. Runners will be assigned a start time based on the predicted pace. Additional information regarding runners’ individual start times will be sent out prior to race day. The start line will be open from 6:30 am until 8:30 am.

Runners must start at their assigned start time.  Times will be sent out the week prior to race day.

What will the courses look like?

The courses for the May 2021 event are currently being designed and ceritified. Once the certification is complete the courses will be posted on the cowtown website at https://cowtownmarathon.org/the-cowtown-marathon-the-races/ 

Will there be water stops?

Runners are asked to carry their own water. Refill stations will be available to refill runners’ water bottles- there will be no cups at stops. Volunteers will be at water stops and available to assist in refilling runners’ bottles with water and Gatorade. It is recommended that runners utilize a hydration vest or belt, if possible.

Will food and electrolytes be available on the course?

Gatorade and Gu will be available along the Half Marathon course. A Water and Gatorade refill station will be available on the 10K course and a water refill will be available on the 5K course. All runners are asked to carry their own hydration and use the water stops to refill your bottles.  It is recommended that runners utilize a hydration vest or belt if possible.  You can visit the online Cowtown store to shop for these items.

Will there be an Expo?

A determination regarding an in-person expo will be made in early Spring, dependant on the Covid-19 situation. If there is no expo we will offer a drive-thru packet pickup process or registered runners may pay to have their packet mailed to them. More details to be announced in early spring.

Will there be a hotel shuttle?

We will not be providing hotel shuttles for the May 2021 event due to social distancing guidelines. All runners will need to find their own transportation to the race venue.

Will there be a Kids 5K Run?

No, not in person. All school teams will be able to run virtually and earn their shirt and medal. School coaches have been contacted with details. If a child wants to run in-person they must register as an individual in the 5K that will take place on May 8th. Age divisions for the 5K will be available for all ages.

Do you have a paper form for registration?

No, all registration must be done electronically, even school teams. If schools need assistance, please email [email protected] and we will be able to help.

Will the Healthy Hig Relay take place at the May event?

Yes, runners will have the choice to run a 2-person or 4-person Healthy Hig Relay on the Half Marathon course.

Will there be shuttles for the Relay Exchange Points?

There will be NO RELAY SHUTTLES going to the Relay exchange points. All relay participants are responsible to get to their exchange points on their own. Driving directions will be provided prior to race day to assist runners.

Will there still be age division awards?

Yes, we will have age division awards for every in-person distance. Please go to cowtownmarathon.org and click on the distance you are interested in to review the age divisions.


Relay FAQ


Healthy Hig Relay Important Details Video

Part 1



How will legs 2, 3, and 4 reach the exchange points?

There will be no shuttle transportation for runners.  Runners will be responsible for transportation for both getting to and from exchange points.



Packet Pickup

Team Packet Pick Up


Details to be announced in April.



More Details to come in SPring 2021





Event Maps

2021 course maps will arrive in February – March of 2021



Parking Map

2020 Parking Map

Pacer Information

Due to Covid-19 and socially distancing runners at the start line, we will not have pacers for the 2021 May event.



Cowtown Pace Groups

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join a Cowtown Pace Group?

Running with a Cowtown pace group is a fun way to experience The Cowtown and target a specific finish time. Our Cowtown pacers are highly experienced runners who will encourage you throughout the race and help you achieve your goal.


What are the finish times available for the Cowtown Pace Groups?

Half Marathon—1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10; 2:20, 2:30, 2:40, 2:50, 3:00

Marathon—3:00, 3:05, 3:10, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:50, 3:55, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 4:50, 5:05, 5:20

Ultra—5:00, 5:30, 6:00


Can Pace Group Leaders help me qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Yes. There is a marathon pace group for every Boston Marathon qualifying time. If you’re aiming for Boston, we have a pace group for you!


How do I join a Cowtown Pace Group?

There is no sign-up to run with a pace group. Just find the pace group you wish to join on race day and run with them.


Where do I meet up with my chosen Pace Group?

Just find the pace group you wish to run with in the starting corrals. Pace group leaders will be stationed in the corrals 20 minutes before the start of the race. Pacers will be holding signs with finish times. Pacer signs will correspond to the bib colors of each distance—Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra.


In which starting corrals will the Cowtown Pace Groups be placed?

Corral assignments are forthcoming. Stop by the Pacer Booth at the Cowtown Expo for this information. (Note: You cannot move up in corrals, only back.)


If the Cowtown Pace Group I want to run with is not offered in my start corral, what should I do?

Corral assignments are based on the estimated finish time you provided when you registered for The Cowtown. You may freely move back to a slower starting corral but advancing to a faster starting corral is prohibited.


Does it cost to join a Cowtown Pace Group?



Which Cowtown Pace Group should I join?

You should choose a pace that reflects your training and ability level and allows you to run at a comfortable pace throughout the event. There are a number of online tools that help predict a finish time based upon recent finishing times of other distances. We recommend you consult with one of these tools or a running coach.


Can I meet Pace Group leaders before the race?

Many of our pace group leaders will be at the Pacer Booth at the Cowtown Health & Fitness Expo. We encourage you to stop to meet them and ask any questions you may have!


Do I have to run with the Pace Group the whole time?

Feel free to run with our Cowtown pace group leaders as little or as much as you like. Some runners stay with their Pacer only for the first few miles and others like to run with their pace group all the way to the finish line.


Can I change to a different Pace Group mid race?

Absolutely. Feel free to drop back to a slower pace group or surge ahead to find a faster group.


Do Cowtown Pace Groups go by clock time or chip time?

Chip time. Cowtown pacers will start their watches at the start line as they cross the chip timing mats.


What race strategy will Pace Group Leaders use?

Generally speaking, our pacers will maintain even splits. However, we trust their experienced judgment and have given them the freedom to adjust in order to maintain even effort. This means they may bank a little time in advance of hills, water stops, or other course challenges. The faster groups will maintain the most even split­s while the slower groups may employ a run/walk strategy. Ask your pace group leader when you meet them.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

Cowtown pace group leaders will not plan any bathroom breaks during the race and will not wait for you. If you need to use the bathroom, we recommend that you run ahead of the your group before breaking to use the bathroom, then jump back in with the group or catch up to them.


How will my Pace Group leader handle drinking at the Fluid Stations?

Each Cowtown pacer will take water and/or Powerade® from every fluid station to ensure that runners remain well hydrated throughout the race. Faster pace groups may run-and-drink while slower pace groups may take walk breaks to hydrate at Fluid Stations. Ask your group leader what they plan to do.

Fluid Stations

Updated 2021 Fluid Stops coming in February – march



Cowtown Marathon has secured discounted hotel inventory exclusively for our participants. Click the link below to view all hotel options and make a reservation at the Official Marathon Hotel of your choice!

The Cowtown Marathon Discounted Hotel Rates

For participants looking for assistance in choosing their hotel, please email our Hotel Coordinator – [email protected]

Cowtown Discounted Hotel Rates

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will not be offering shuttle services from downtown hotel locations.

Sights & Nightlife

Visitor’s Bureau

What To Do In and Around Cowtown
Convention & Visitors Bureau

Welcome to Fort Worth, the 15th-largest city in the United States and one of “America’s Most Livable Communities.” Today, Fort Worth, Texas is a thriving center of culture and commerce.

Sundance Square

Come explore a vibrant downtown marketplace! Sundance Square is 20 fabulous blocks of downtown Ft. Worth where people work, live, shop, and dine.


The Fort Worth Cultural District, home to five wonderful museums in a relaxing, park-like setting is a great place to start your tour. Throughout the city, you’ll also find museums devoted to Western heritage and Fort Worth’s colorful past.

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo has been ranked as the No. 1 attraction in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area and No.19 among the “50 Overall Top-Rated Attractions” in the entire United States by the Zagat Survey U.S. Family Guide.

The Stockyards

Over 25 Unique Shops – including an art gallery, clothing shops, pottery, jewelry, a wine store, a photography studio and much more. Walking Tours of the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards are available through the Stockyards Visitors Center.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The oldest botanic garden in Texas, is a lush 109-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. A peaceful haven nestled in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District, the Garden is home to over 2,500 species of native and exotic plants that flourish in its 21 specialty gardens.


When the sun goes down, Fort Worth really comes alive. Fort Worth nightlife also has a proud musical tradition. Across the city, you’ll find national and local acts performing in a wide variety of venues – from roadhouses to refined concert halls.

















There will be no shuttles for 2021 due to the pandemic. A parking map detailing all the available parking will be available in March – April.

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