Does the Cowtown Marathon donate to a charity?

The Cowtown Marathon is a nonprofit organization promoting health and fitness in the community.  By running the Cowtown, runners are supporting C.A.L.F. (Children's Activities for Life & Fitness) Program, which provides training and education to students regarding health and nutrition.  A grant program is offered for children in need of funding their entries into the Cook Children's 5K.  In addition these children are provided with training tools and quality running shoes to help them achieve their goals. 

The Cowtown Marathon has partnerships with several local charities where runners raise funds for various causes such as:  ALZ Alstars and Team RWB. 


Support your friends and family members, colleagues, or just cheer all of the runners to personal victory. 

Is the Cowtown Marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier?

Yes, the Cowtown Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifying event.
Also, the Cowtown Ultra Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifying event as well. We will have a timing mat to capture your marathon time at Mile 26.2 along the Ultra Marathon course.

I have a conflict in my schedule and am not able to make it to the race this year. Can I cancel and get a refund or have someone else run in my place?

The Cowtown is unable to do give refunds at this time and there are no transfers.  Runners running with a bib number not assigned to them will be disqualified.

What about if I injure myself? Can I defer until next year?

The Cowtown does not offer deferments.

Race Change Policy 

You may change your race online through December 31 at no charge.  
After December 31st you may change your race online through January 15th for a fee.
If you need to change your race and it is past January 25th you may change your Ultra, Marathon or Half Marathon at the expo.  You will need to pick up your runner bib at the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, February 27nd 11:30 till 7:00 PM or Saturday, February 28rd 6:00 AM till 5:00 PM and then visit the 
Solutions Desk to change your race if space is available for the Ultra, Marathon or Half Marathon. 

Please keep in mind, we have capacity limits on all races and changing races will only be possible if we have not reached capacity in that distance.  No race changes for the 5K's or 10K's at the expo will be possible.

There will be a $20 RACE CHANGE FEE with any applicable upgrade fee. 


I may not be able to make it to the Health & Fitness Expo. Can I have a friend pick up my packet for me?

Yes! Just make sure they know your full name and which race you're running so that we can find your bib. If they know your bib number too, that would be great!

How long is the course open?

The marathon and ultra marathon courses are open for 7.5 hours
The half marathon course is open 4.5 hours
The 10K course is open 2.5 hours
And the Adult 5K and Cook Children's 5K is open 1.5 hours

May I wear my iPod?

Yes, you may wear your earphones along our courses.  However, we ask that you keep one ear free to listen to instructions from the Police & Course Officials along the courses.  Please be safe!

Will there be pace leaders for the Ultra, Marathon or Half Marathon?

Yes. We have pace leaders for all marathon events, they will have a booth set up at the Health & Fitness Expo. 

Are strollers allowed?

No, due to the number of runners & walkers, strollers & baby joggers are not permitted.  We hope that you can find family or friends to watch your little one in our Cowtown Kids Area while you run.

What is the Cowtown Challenge?

The Cowtown Challenge is for anyone registered and completes two races; one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. If you register for your Sunday race first you may then add on your Saturday race from the same registration form. Doing it separately? No worries, as long as you are registered by the same name and birth date our system will automatically recognize you as a Cowtown Challenge Runner. As a Challenge runner you will also receive an extra challenge shirt and challenge finishers medal after your Sunday race!

Will there be a church service?

There will be a church service in the Round Up Inn at the Will Rogers Memorial Center on Sunday morning at 5:30am.

Where are your fluid stations along the courses?

The Fluid Stations are located approximately every 1.5 miles along the courses.  Each Fluid Station will have water & an electrolyte replacement.  There will be Medical support at each station and porto-potties.

Will there be bag check available?

Bag check will be available prior to the race. Bags will be provided at packet pick up. Personal belongings will only be accepted in the clear bag check bags provided at packet pickup. No exceptions.


What if I register for my two races at seperate times, will I still be in the Cowtown Challenge?

Yes! As long as you are registered under the same name and date of birth for both races, our system will automatically recognize you as a challenge runner no matter when you registered for your races.

Do you allow pets to run?

No, due to the large number of runners on Saturday and Sunday we do not allow pets on the course for their safety and for the safety of all our runners.


Team Information

Each team member will be timed individually and run the entire distance of the race.  The advantage of the team registration is the camaraderie, chance to win plaques based on your team's performance, and the team discounts.  For the Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon you will need at least 5 people to form a team, and for the 10K or 5K's you will need at least 10 people to form a team.  

What is the deadline to register and still be able to have my name printed on my bib?

The last day possible to register and still have your name printed on your bib will be by midnight on January 25th, 2015.


Will there be any showers available after the races?

No, there will not be any showers available.


Earn your Spurs!! 2014 started a new 3-year medal series featuring spinning spurs (as seen on the right). The Bronze, silver and gold spurs hang from a leather strap, or can be counted on a decorative wooden plaque to show off your accomplishment in style.

Check out our new 3 year medal series seen here on the right!

Check out our new 3 year medal series seen here on the right!


            February 27-March 1, 2015

            February 27-March 1, 2015