2022 Cowtown Trailblazers Winter Training

The Cowtown Trailblazer Winter Training Program

The Cowtown Trailblazer Program is an exciting training program for those interested in group or virtual training for The 2022 Dallas Half and Full Marathon on Dec 11th, 2022. We will also have schedules for other winter marathons such as Chicago, NYC, Marine Corps, and many others. The program kicks off on July 9th. The program uses current fitness levels and your previous race times to calculate your various training paces. These are used during the training period such as interval pace and easy long run pace. The Trailblazer program offers in-person group activities as well as virtual options.

There will be an interest meeting on June 28th at 6:30 pm. The interest meeting will be available online and in-person

Perks include different routes each Saturday with water stops, seminars on relevant topics, and a Trailblazer training shirt. Both a beginner and advanced schedules are available. Everything can also be done virtually. We will send detailed weekly emails and schedules, as well as a private Facebook group page for communication.

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