Cowtown Trailblazers is an exciting training program for those interested in virtual group training for a half or a full marathon. The 20-week program will prepare you to run a Half, Full or Ultra by October 18th.

The Trailblazers program will include: Weekly coached emails with a detailed plan of the week’s schedule, live coached running sessions on a closed Facebook group and Facebook live guest speakers on subjects such as nutrition and injury prevention.




Save the Date!

The 2021 Cowtown Race Weekend

February 26th – February 28th

Thank you for another excellent year!


Summer is heating up, so it is time to cool down with The Cowtown! Take part in a 10K, Half, or Full and earn a hydration vest OR belt for carrying your hydration on longer runs.

There are many permanent realities for race events as a result of COVID-19. At this time, water fountains are no longer accessible in parks and on trails. Once races begin to take place in person again, water stops will forever be changed. Runners will most likely need to carry their own hydration.


The Cowtown Blast from the past

With many running events having to cancel, postpone, or become virtual The Cowtown thought it was the perfect time to earn those medals runners missed out on previously. The Cowtown is known for its medal series. There are athletes, however, that may have joined us in the middle of a series and they are missing part of their medal collection. Now is the time to fix that!

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