We had a wonderful time hosting a live event in over a YEAR!

If you participated in the In-Person 5K, 10K, Half, Or Healthy Hig Relay. You can find your results HERE.


The Cowtown C.A.L.F. Program The Cowtown C.A.L.F. Camp

The Cowtown is a nonprofit organization promoting health and fitness in the community. By running The Cowtown, runners are supporting The C.A.L.F.®  (Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness) Program, which provides training and education to students regarding health and nutrition. A grant program is offered for children in need of funding their entries into the Kids 5K. In addition, these children are provided with training tools and quality running shoes to help them achieve their goals. The C.A.L.F. Program helps tens of thousands of North Texas area children lace up and cross countless finish lines including The Cowtown in February each year. The Cowtown has distributed over 42,000 pairs of running shoes and financial grants to children in need over the past eleven years. Your support of this program helps The Cowtown reach more children in need!

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Help keep your child active this summer with a summer camp hosted by The Cowtown and Tarrant Area Food Bank! The Cowtown C.A.L.F. Camp will be held Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is available to 5th – 8th graders. Campers will spend their mornings at The Cowtown, where we will cover a variety of running topics and have fun running activities. Then, the campers will walk to Tarrant Area Food Bank where they will be educated on gardening, nutrition, be presented with opportunities to volunteer, and be provided with a healthy lunch. Each participant will receive a camp shirt, pedometer, daily lunch, and a swag bag on the closing day!

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Trailblazer’s Training Program The 2022 Cowtown Marathon

The Cowtown Trailblazer Program is an exciting training program for those interested in group or virtual training for The 2021 Cowtown Half Marathon. The program kicks off on January 2nd. The program uses current fitness levels and your previous race times to calculate your various training paces. These are used during the training period such as interval pace and easy long run pace. The Trailblazer program offers in-person group activities with social distancing as well as virtual options.

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The 2022 Cowtown is back in February! The race will be held on Saturday, February 26th, and Sunday, February 27th, 2022. There will still be virtual options for all races as well as in-person/virtual challenge options. The Cowtown Health and Fitness Expo is expected to be held on Friday, February 25th, 2022 at Will Rogers.

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