Save the Date!

The 2021 Cowtown Race Weekend

February 26th – February 28th

Thank you for another excellent year!



The Cowtown Virtual 5K-9 Run

A new addition to the Cowtown repertoire is a run designed for dogs and their owners. As a virtual run, participants will walk/run a 5K (3.1 mile) distance at their own pace, at a location of their choosing, any time before May 31st. Proceeds benefit the Humane Society of North Texas as well as the C.A.L.F. Program. Proof of participation in this virtual race results in a medal with a detachable dog tag and a branded bandana.



5K-9 Sign Up


The Cowtown Blast from the past

With many running events having to cancel, postpone, or become virtual The Cowtown thought it was the perfect time to earn those medals runners missed out on previously. The Cowtown is known for its medal series. There are athletes, however, that may have joined us in the middle of a series and they are missing part of their medal collection. Now is the time to fix that!